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May 15, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #25: Blood in the Yard

        Does the watchman walk by the wall?’s  Does the mastiff prowl by the gate? Death has a hundred hands and walks by a thousand ways. He may come in the sight of all, he may pass unseen unheard. Come whispering through the ear, or a sudden shock on the skull. A […]

May 07, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #24: Getting Into Harvard

      The velocity of a body attracted towards an immovable centre, in spaces void of resistance, is reciprocally as the perpendicular let fall from that centre on the right line that touches the orbit. -Lord Isaac Newton, PBUH   The two boys stared at each other for a moment.  Jack scanned the sky.  […]

May 02, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #23: Circles at Night

    He that understands the nature of the Circular Pendulum and Circular Motion, will easily understand the whole ground of this Principle, and will know where to find direction in Nature for the true stating thereof. -Robert Hooke   Sam stared down into the blackness with the empty line between his hands.  Jack’s escape […]

Apr 23, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #22: Jack the Lad

      …I am become a name; For always roaming with a hungry heart Much have I seen and known; cities of men And manners, climates, councils, governments… -Baron Tennyson, Ulysses   Even in the narrow cobblestone streets, the town’s lights were scattered and dim.  The darkness worked in Jack’s favor.  However, he missed […]

Apr 11, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #21: Adams Aweigh

      In the air all directions lead everywhere. –Admiral Herbert G. Wells   The Endeavour dropped low to the ocean near Marblehead late in the afternoon and turned inland.  The plan was to make a moonless approach on Boston after sundown.  Once back over land near the outskirts of Boston, the Iroquois requested […]

Apr 02, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #20: Pot Stirring

        Endless invention, endless experiment, Brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness; -Tom S. Eliot   Even with a band of Iroquois braves to lend a hand, the handful of rebels now running the Endeavour was barely big enough for a skeleton crew. It was most obvious at mealtime. There were […]

Mar 26, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #19: Homeward Bound

        The coal in South Wales alone is capable of supplying all England, at present rate of consumption, for 2,000 years. -Robert Bakewell, An Introduction to Geology [1815 Edition] Captain Jenkins of the SS Curling felt uneasy. He scanned the horizon nonstop. The sea rolled lightly. Tons of high-grade coal and pig […]

Mar 23, 2017

Sleepers Unbound #14: A Note From the Author: Part One of Three

In the fourth grade I wrote a book about a boy lost in the woods. His dog, an old, wise Golden Retriever eventually found the boy, deep behind a series of valleys, tucked beneath the canopy of a wide tree in the midst of a thunderstorm just before a quiet fox began to pounce on […]

Mar 20, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #18: Execution

        “When it comes time to die, be not one whose heart is filled with the fear of death, weeping and praying to live his life over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.” – Chief Aupumut Running Bear approached the palisade where […]

Mar 12, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #17: Grounded

        Despite the difficulties facing the Conventions of Hague and Geneva, a few rules have been settled. For instance, military barracks and equipment are usually not situated in the middle of cities. In return, civilian areas in cities are not typically considered military targets. Of course, factories remain open game, mostly because […]

Mar 10, 2017

Sleepers Unbound #13: You Are Invited to an Exorcism

        From: PastorCalvin777@storehousechurch.com to austin_oglesby@durham.com Subject: You are Invited! 08 AUG 2016, 01:00 PM   Dear Prof. O, Sometimes They Hide Within. What do you think? Well, it’s a working title, anyway. Granger never settled on a title until after the second or third drafts, right? If I am to write like […]

Mar 05, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #16: Battle of the Bay

      As the giants advanced upon the war party, the god of the west wind, who was lying in wait for them, swooped down upon the giants, so that they were hurled over the edge of the gulf, far down into the dark abyss below, where they perished miserably. -The Stone Giants, Haudenosaunee […]

Feb 27, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #15: Impasse

      People like us don’t go out at night cause people like them see us for what we are -Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist Jack looked back and forth between Jones, and Adams and Sam. Watching out for younger airmen had gotten him into a scrape or two before, but he’d always avoided trouble […]

Feb 21, 2017

Sleepers Unbound #12: For the Record, This is All on the Record.

    OKLAHOMA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT 09 AUG. 2016 09:12:34 RM 2 POLICE: This interview is being tape recorded. I am Officer Joshua Blake and I’m based in Special Investigations in Oklahoma City which is part of the Santa Fe Division— Who are we kidding, Ms. Gill, I’m going to be quite blunt. I only […]

Feb 19, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #14: Night Watch

      A man may imagine things that are false, but he can only understand things that are true, for if the things be false, the apprehension of them is not understanding. -Lord Isaac Newton, PBUH Sam froze, because he couldn’t do anything else, even if he had wanted to. Jones, who wore his […]

Feb 12, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #13: The Bridge

      Paris is worth its Mass. -Emperor Henry XII Earlier that evening, while Sam was still winding rope high in the rigging, Boulanger entered the airship’s bridge. Lockhart looked up from his charts. “Anything to report?” “Everything is ship-shape, Captain. Here, let me get you some light.” “Yes, the sun seems to have […]

Feb 07, 2017

Sleepers Unbound #11: Get Your Own

      Sarah Jewel’s diary August 6, 2016   Mom and Dad were away last night at the lake house (Aunt Cherri’s lake house, actually). They called it an early honeymoon. Which is great, because I finally had a window. But let me back up. My parents don’t own much in the likeness to […]

Feb 05, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #12: Moonlighting

      A Vulgar Mechanick can practice what he has been taught or seen done, but if he is in an error he knows not how to find it out and correct it, and if you put him out of his road he is at a stand. Whereas he that is able to reason […]

Jan 31, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #11: First Impressions

      The power of ‘impressing’ crew into the Royal Airship Navy, ever to be reprobated, except in cases of emergency, is, nevertheless, of ancient and long-continued exercise, and its legality has been repeatedly recognized… -Sir William Blackstone On a clear day off the coast of New England, Adams struggled to read a letter […]

Jan 24, 2017

Sleepers Unbound #10: Little Bird

      Calvin Member #4 Posted August 05, 2016 02:55 PM   A man cannot possible count every single idol he worships. It’s like attempting to ponder eternity. Some say a person’s liable to go insane trying to make some earthly sense of eternity. Best not to even try. Live presently. But sometimes our […]

Jan 23, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #10: Bear That Runs Along The Eastern Gate

      When a flash of lightning is seen, and a loud crash is heard, they say, “That is the boy [the Son of Heno the Thunder God]! He is trying to hit the earth children with a fire stone. He remembers how they struck him, a long time ago.” -Why Lightning Sometimes Strikes, […]

Jan 17, 2017

Sleepers Unbound #9: Free Books for a Lunatic

    From: MariaHolstrom@BHPublishing.com to BrandonUpton@BHPublishing.com Subject: Interesting phone call 03 AUG 2016, 02:05 PM   As lead receptionist of a prominent publishing house, I fully recognize it’s my responsibility to answer the phone, but there’s only so many expletives I can take before this smile you pay me for begins to fade. Sooner or […]

Jan 15, 2017

Endeavour’s Fall #9: Dismemberment

      TO allow a Witch to live I’ll ne’er conspire! Unholy subjects suit my feeble lays: O howl, foul Joan, I’ll tune the Lyre, Who did, they say, Evils in her days! She betrayed her King to invading Bands, And soon the hope of France disappointed; The Lily withered in her cursed hands, […]

Jan 10, 2017

Sleepers Unbound #8: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Brick House Publishing @BHPublishing – 31s 10 Sleeper books have risen to the top of the @nytimes paperback mass-market fiction bestseller list in the last 2 wks. #TheMantraLivesOn.   Prof. O Member #3 Posted August 03, 2016 12:49 PM   A little competition? I like it. Lord of the Flies meets Breakfast of Champions. SIDENOTE: […]