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Who We Are

SerialTeller.com is a website designed to help both aspiring and established authors gain a wider audience by making their works more accessible to thousands of readers.  Have you ever struggled to complete a novel?   This site is designed to help you progress towards a completed project which you can ultimately market.

Why Submit

SerialTeller.com will publish original serial (episodic) fiction either written specifically for our site or created from your original novel that has already been written. In either case, if your work is featured on our site, you will have the opportunity to build or further enhance your author platform.

What Are We Seeking?

100% original (that means that you both created the work and that you own the rights to it to be published) serial fiction generally between 600 and 1250 words per installment (approximately 2-4 installments per month) which are ultimately able to culminate in a publishable novel within one year. We prefer fiction serials in a number of areas including romance, science fiction, mystery, and thriller. We are open to other fiction categories on a case by case basis.

We do not showcase sexually graphic stories or those that glorify excessive violence or cruelty.

Fees and Rights

SerialTeller does not charge authors whose serials are selected for inclusion on this site.  Authors retain full rights to the publication and commercialization of their work.

What Do You Need To Submit?


STEP 1: Tell us in which one genre your serial would most closely fit (yes, we know that there are compound genres such as time travel/romance — use the one which you feel is most dominant). Also, include a brief synopsis of your serial and tell us whether you will be creating it expressly for SerialTeller or if it is from something you have already written/completed.

STEP 2: In 200 words or less, tell us something about you. Include any information which you feel strengthens your platform as a SerialTeller author. We know you are all beautiful! At this point, please do NOT include any photographs.

STEP 3: Include a 1000-word or less writing sample from your proposed serial. Make us addicts for your serial. If you can’t do it here, it is unlikely you will be able to do it once your serial debuts on our website.


  1. We will do everything we can to get back to you. We are NOT responsible for unsolicited submissions.
  2. We will be receiving multiple submissions from numerous authors. We are strong proponents of showcasing original work. However, we may receive submissions which may have similar ideas although expressed differently. We take no responsibility for publishing ideas which either overlap or compete with one another.
  3. We are seeking authors who wish to promote themselves and their work. We will endeavor to help position those who are selected for inclusion in our website. However, you are ultimately responsible for promoting yourself and your writing.
  4. If you are selected, we will assume that you are able to keep up with creating and maintaining the quality of your serial. We will only select those authors whose works fit within SerialTeller’s format. We reserve the right at any time to discontinue serials which no longer meet our standards of quality.


Submit Serials

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, Max. file size: 2 MB.
    Please upload your writing sample. 1000 words or less.


Please allow us up to 8 weeks to get back to you. If you do not hear back from us after that time, please feel free to email us regarding the status of your project.

If we are interested in pursuing your project further, we will generally contact you by either email or phone (So, PLEASE provide us with a telephone number where it will be easiest to reach you. Also, please specify what time zone we will be calling. For example, Pacific, Eastern, Central, etc.)

Thanks for taking the time to submit to us and best of luck with your writing!