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Sleepers Unbound #13: You Are Invited to an Exorcism

Mar 10, 2017





From: PastorCalvin777@storehousechurch.com

to austin_oglesby@durham.com

Subject: You are Invited!

08 AUG 2016, 01:00 PM


Dear Prof. O,

Sometimes They Hide Within. What do you think? Well, it’s a working title, anyway. Granger never settled on a title until after the second or third drafts, right? If I am to write like our friend, then I think it only best not to get caught up in the naming of stories before the stories themselves have been told. Which brings me to the subject of this email.

The congregation is gathering next Sunday, on the 14th of August, and calling upon the Father in a corporate act of spiritual warfare. I have met with the Devil himself, Prof. O—or at the very least a full-bird colonel leading one of his nasty brigades. Henderson Harp has a blackness in his eyes, an abyss which leads all the way into his soul. A monster has resided in this man; a monster I fear may have lived in there for a very, very long time. A monster a man like Henderson Harp (no man, for that matter) deserves to host within. I am tasked with casting out this demon. The Almighty One is authoring the next Sleeper novel through my very own hands. I can feel it. I know it deep down in the aorta of my bleeding heart that it is true. And I also feel He desires your presence in the congregation. I feel He desires all of you to be present. I have extended the invitation to the others on the forum (I was unable to login my first couple attempts, but eventually, the message went through).

Please consider this request, Prof. O. I should think we can remain friends when this endeavor has concluded at the end of the month. There is no reason our collaboration has to end. The way I see it, Granger’s legacy is too great for a single man to assume. I feel there must be a reason God has put it on my heart to gather you all for this exorcism. Something much more important than just witnessing His power.

I have attached a note with further details for the event. Every day that goes by and Mr. Harp is made to suffer is a great tragedy. My heart breaks for his salvation.





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