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Body Packaging

by Jennifer Strauss

Dede Storm has long been a consummate master of disguises. After a number of careers, Dede has resurfaced as Hollywood’s hottest hair and make-up artist.  By chance, she learns a secret that threatens to create a chain of events more explosive than the biggest Hollywood blockbuster. And the price for this secret is murder. Start at the beginning.

Jul 1, 2014

Body Packaging #15: Asleep At The Death Wheel

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills   “Get your motherfuckin’ ass back in the car. Now!” Veronica Walters pressed her revolver’s muzzle into Sidney Martels’ right temple. “By the way, in case you’re wondering, this is definitely not a stage prop. It’s real and I know how to use it.” Sidney Martel, or the individual who was […]

Dec 21, 2013

Body Packaging #14: The Lethal Marketplace

  The Grove/LA Farmers Market Los Angeles   “I don’t know what I’m doing here. But hey, my boyfriend’s dead and everything else’s all fucked up. So, what do I have to lose?” She barely breathed as she uttered one final sentence. “Except maybe my life.” Veronica Walters could have easily passed for one of […]

Nov 8, 2013

Body Packaging #13: Out With A Bang

Bel Air, California “So, how did you manage to escape?” Veronica gazed into Philippe’s deep-set brooding eyes knowing in her heart that the impostor stripping off his clothes in front of her was probably responsible for Philippe’s murder. She feigned a smile as it finally sunk in that she would never see her true love […]

Oct 22, 2013

Body Packaging #12: Bloodshot Eyes

Simi Valley, California Dede Storm looked up at Melange as she held her blade inches from Nienadro’s throat. She screamed at the top of her lungs. “Is this what you want, you crazy fucked up broad?!?” Melange paused for what felt like an eternity as sweat began dripping down Nieandro’s forehead. “No. It is not. […]

Oct 5, 2013

Body Packaging #11: The Ultimate Test

Simi Valley, California   “Holy fuckballs! Is that me?” After years of making her preeminent reputation by wearing breathtaking disguises, Dede Storm didn’t even recognize herself. She looked quizzically at her own reflection as Melange finally revealed her appearance within the confines of a large oval mirror. “It’s damned lucky for you that we had […]

Jul 9, 2012

Body Packaging #10: Welcome To The Other Side

Simi Valley, California At first, the only sound audible was an incessant hissing.  It possessed the fury of a thousand snakes circling.  Suddenly, a muffled voice burrowed through her right ear drum. “Most of us fear.”  There was a pause which felt like it lasted a lifetime. Then, the voice began again. “We fear the […]

Apr 11, 2012

Body Packaging # 9: Severing Heads of State

Beverly Hills Dede Storm was dead.  She hadn’t reported back to any of her closest friends or even her cousin Veronica after her confrontation with Cole Majestic.  But at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the only thing on all of the guests’ minds was finding ways to interact with the A–List celebrities and heavy hitting politicians […]

Mar 30, 2012

Body Packaging # 8: Her World On Fire

Hollywood Heather Greystone stood naked in front of an immense fire watching as a fellow Leosen — part lion, part serpent, and part human — slid through the fire separating them and transformed himself into a man with a mane of thick blond fur on his head. They began kissing passionately as Heather’s serpent tail swayed back […]

Aug 14, 2011

Body Packaging #7: Plastic Explosive

Dr. Jake Orinda is a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who works for studios and talent agencies specifically on up and coming stars. During a new patient visit, he encounters a rather unexpected set of circumstances.

Jul 17, 2011

Body Packaging #6: At Death’s Door

Dede Storm has her work cut out for her with Philippe shot and Veronica currently occupied elsewhere.