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Castro Bridge Mix

by Will Morrison

Open the carefully guarded door to Mae’s Bridge studio, a rather remarkable world within San Francisco’s Castro District which has survived for over five decades.  Once inside, you will quickly learn that the card game takes a backseat to the players’ outrageous antics, romantic pursuits, schemes, double-dealings, and murders.

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Mar 10, 2014

Castro Bridge Mix #17: Bidding Wars

The Olympic Club “I thought I’d never see you again.” Dereck felt a sudden rush go through his body. He felt suddenly more complete as he looked into Waffles’ face. “Well aren’t you the little drama queen. You’re not getting rid of me that easily. I’ll always be your friend, Dereck.” Waffles realized that several […]

Feb 9, 2014

Castro Bridge Mix #16: Vulnerable

The San Francisco Planning Department “This looks like it could be a drawn out process, Jensen.  There are over thirty petitioners against your proposed remodel.” The city planner had known Jensen Reiser for almost fifteen years. Every time that she thought Jensen had an insurmountable obstacle, somehow her projects managed to squeak through. But this […]

Jan 26, 2014

Castro Bridge Mix #15: Body Cards

Under the Old Bay Bridge “You did what you were supposed to do, Adam.” The voice was free-floating through a heavy veil of ruffled fog. An overhead light from the new Bay Bridge illuminated two of the three men slowly traveling in a motorboat under what was original Bay Bridge. What had once been a […]

Jan 21, 2014

Castro Bridge Mix #14: The Contract

Sam’s Grill, San Francisco Jensen Reiser scouted out the small reception area of legendary restaurant Sam’s Grill which dated back to the 1860s. She looked everywhere, but there was no sign of him. Then, just as she was about to leave, she heard her name. “Jensen.” A man’s hand extended out from one of the […]

Dec 29, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #13: One No Trump

SFO Terminal 2 Waffles waited until the last possible moment before arriving at the airport terminal to catch his flight to LA. Somehow, he felt as if part of himself had been hollowed out and left for dead. “Your flight should be boarding any minute. You can proceed through the expedited security area, Mr. Madison.” […]

Dec 8, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #12: Sacrifices

San Francisco District Attorney Office,  850 Bryant Street   Dereck listened intently with his office door closed.  It sounded like a faint pawing at his door.  Gradually the pawing sounds mutated into a sporadic knocking.  “Who’s there?” The door gradually opened and Dereck set eyes on a homeless man covered with dirt, his face completely […]

Dec 1, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #11: Finesse

The Lookout on Market Street, Castro “I’m sure that I’m the last person that JT wants to see.” Lyrick leaned into the side of Dereck’s arm as they both peered out over the heart of the Castro from their perch on the Lookout bar’s outdoor balcony. “You saved his life, Lyrick. I don’t get why […]

Nov 24, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #10: Holding Hands

“Is this heaven? It’s me, God. Margaret here. Whoops, wrong story. Sorry, Judy Blume. I mean it’s just me, JT.” Waffles could see everything around him in a soft gold and purple haze. He looked down at a magnificent burgundy rose and rolled its stem between his thumb and forefinger. He sniffed it intensely waiting […]

Nov 17, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #9: Picking Up Tricks

The St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco Lyric’s November was definitely starting out with a bang. He turned to face this evening’s trick. “Yeah it’s very portable. Just like me, Master.” Lyrick smiled confidently despite the fact that he was cantilevering himself on a Door Jam Sex Sling while wearing a thick black leather dog collar. He […]

Nov 10, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #8: Seven Hearts

  Mae’s was packed with revelers desperate to get into the city’s most sought-after Halloween celebration. The establishment had ridden the rising tide of the Castro’s long-lived run as the Halloween capital of San Francisco which had grown into a mob of several hundred thousand by 2006. Then, after shootings took place during the 2006 event, […]