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Welcome to SerialTeller U!


My name is Bruce and I personally want to welcome you to SerialTeller U!

SerialTeller U was created to provide writers with help in the following four areas:

Forward / Reverse
Serial fiction has often be used by authors as building blocks from which to create novels. In many ways, writers can view their serial fiction as a workshop to experiment and see what should be included in and what might best be left out of a finished novel. This process is what we will explore in the blog entitled FORWARD.

Now, what if you have already written a novel that has already been published and you want to provide it with extra marketing push? Look no further than REVERSE. In this blog, we explore the ways to determine whether your novel lends itself to be transformed into a serial. If you feel that your novel would make a strong serial which you can then showcase through serial fiction websites including SerialTeller or your own site, then you can use REVERSE to provide guideposts during the process of going from a novel into a work of serial fiction.

Writing Stamina Support
One of the major reasons that writers give up on their dreams is that they run out of steam.  Completing a writing project — no matter what size — can be a very daunting challenge.  This section will share ideas about how best to pursue your dreams of becoming a writer while at the same time balancing the responsibilities of having a life outside of writing.

So, as you read “Who Holds The Writer’s Hand?” please realize that you are not alone as you go about moving towards your writing dreams.

Writing Technical Support
SerialTeller is primarily devoted to developing and showcasing serial fiction — but we are interested in encouraging writers to write for enjoyment, satisfaction, and to further their dreams.  In essence, you don’t have to be a serial fiction author to benefit from some of the areas we will be discussing in SerialTeller U.   Serials can be viewed as tools to not only sharpen your writing skills, but also if properly strung together, they can actually get you on your way to creating full length fiction which is ready for the marketplace.

Writing Marketing Support
Some of you will just write because it is something you enjoy doing wihout ANY expectation that anyone else will ever read a word you put down, and that is fine.  Others are more interested in actually publishing their work and many of these individuals harbor dreams of becoming bestselling authors whose words are read by millions.  In this section, you will learn about the ins and outs of actually marketing your writing from building your author platform to dealing with those ever painful author rejection letters to getting your work out to as many individuals as is humanly possible.


Once again, welcome.


Your words matter!