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About SerialTeller®

SerialTeller®  is devoted to serials drawn from all areas of fiction ranging from science fiction and fantasy, to mysteries, thrillers, and romance.  Serial fiction has been around for hundreds of years and has been the basis for some of the greatest works of literature known to man including those created by Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

We believe that anything that encourages both reading and writing is a really good thing.  Aside from that, we hope to encourage creative expression and ultimately the dissemination of thoughts, different viewpoints, and ideas. We want our serials to be entertaining, provocative, and as always — we want each of our serials to force you to turn the page.

We are seeking serial fiction from writers, both aspiring and established, who seek to keep up with their craft and who possess the writing stamina to continue their serials.

SerialTeller® was founded in 2011 by Bruce S. Stuart. Bruce has published five books with publishers including Simon & Schuster, Inc., Macmillan Publishing Company, and Dearborn Publishing/Washington Post. He formerly served on the board of the San Francisco Writers Conference, an organization dedicated to helping aspiring authors achieve their publishing goals.