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Sleepers Unbound #10: Little Bird

Jan 24, 2017





Member #4

Posted August 05, 2016 02:55 PM


A man cannot possible count every single idol he worships. It’s like attempting to ponder eternity. Some say a person’s liable to go insane trying to make some earthly sense of eternity. Best not to even try. Live presently. But sometimes our idols are demons, and you gotta stare them right in the face and say, “Begone, Demon!” or else that demon will suck every ounce of good fortune from your life.

Most of the time, if not every time, those idols we worship are actually our very own demons, bred in hellfire and brimstone.

My mother taught me most of what I know about demons. But Granger’s books taught me something about them too.

In fact, Miles Granger wrote about demons better than I think anyone ever has. Or ever will, for that matter. But he had many idols, like the rest of us. And many demons, too.

There’s a rumor going around on the message boards about how Granger died. How maybe the accident wasn’t an accident. Something about the vehicle that hit his limousine after the awards ceremony that night in the city. A blogger by the name of Henderson Harp says he’s going to demand a sit-down with the publishing house later this week. He says he’s got something on Granger that’ll change the face of publishing as we know it.

According to his website, Harp has been reviewing books independently online since 2014. He posts an End of Year reading list each December of best to worst books—or as he puts it, from “Rowling to James”—and Granger has yet to make it in the guy’s top twenty.

I sent Harp a message about an hour ago. His website says he’s just across the state line—about three hours drive from my family’s farmhouse. Without undermining the spirit of the competition, I subtly hinted to the fact that I might have a distant relationship with Brick House.

Sure, it’s a white lie. But I think I’ve credited myself with something akin to creative license at this point in the game. Anyway, the guy just emailed me back. He wants to know where I’d like to meet.


Prof O.

Member #3

Posted August 06, 2016 12:40 AM


The world died a little bit when the blog came onto the scene. Give him hell, Calvin.


P.S. I’m gonna be offline for the next week or more while I get the creative juices flowing. I ran into an altercation with my wife yesterday; one of her students told her he saw me in her office the day the pills went missing. I might have laid it on pretty thick, but I think I’m in the clear. You’re a priest right, buddy? So anything I say stays between us? (Oh, well, and the Man upstairs, I presume.) Well, I took the first pill Thursday night, and I think I may have spent the morning drowning the neighbor’s calico… Normally I’d have stopped taking the things. I mean, SERIOUSLY?! But, see, the thing is, I’ve been up all night writing an opening chapter. Or at least that’s what I set out to do. But I just cinched this session with a whopping 7500K. Anywhoooo, if something comes up while I’m away, you can reach me via my work email: austin_oglesby@durham.com.

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