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Assisi & Brannan

by Jocelyn Uma

As a young journalist, Garnet Chan knows that San Francisco’s Bay Area can be heaven or hell depending on how you look at it – a wealth of human stories or adventures gone bad. Moonlighting as a limo driver to make ends meet, Garnet looks for truth and finds it tangled with life.  Start at the beginning

May 20, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #16: I’d Rather Be Someplace Else

The apartment was quiet just the way I liked it. I tiptoed past the dining room into the kitchen. I was ready to sleep. The light in Catherine’s room was on. I went in to say hello and found her packing. She said it had nothing to do with the text that I received at […]

May 13, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #15: Following A Lead

“What are you saying?” Peter gave me a look that bordered on irritation and curiosity.  “You are obstructing the case.  Did you know that?” “Peter, she’s not missing!  I got a text from her.” “How do you know it’s her?  Anyone could have sent you this text.” He was right.  It could’ve been a temporary, […]

May 6, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #14: Cornered

“Ready?” “Yes,” replied Catherine. I nodded at Fuz. “Here is something for you,” he said.  “Put it in your key chain and squeeze if you need me.  I’ll be right outside the club and I can be inside in no time.” It was a small gadget that looked like a fob. “Do you really think […]

Apr 22, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #13: Catching Up

Katherine and I hosted a party that night. By the time we were ready I had already forgotten our conversation in the morning where she tried to match make me. But the past has a way of catching up and making you remember things you don’t want to. Like the envelope with my story and […]

Apr 15, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #12: Best Friends

I get more texts from my roommate Katherine than anyone else. Even Sam.  She was my dorm roommate in freshman year and we’ve been friends since. That year she invited me to her home for Thanksgiving. Katherine was a trust fund child who grew up in Atherton.  The driveway to the house was so long […]

Apr 8, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #11: Vineyards and Hills

The last winery was Savannah Chanelle Vineyard at the top of a hill. Tucked away from the road, it was secluded and sweet. The group was well into the late stage inebriation. They tempted me with a glass of wine since this was the last stop. “C’mon Garnet, have a drink! One glass.” Sam would […]

Apr 1, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #10: The Smell of Wet Grass

Waiting is tough for me but when you get paid to wait around it isn’t so bad. I was parked on the Embarcadero waiting for the group dining at The Slanted Door. My mind started to drift back to the events of the past days. Between writing short pieces on local news and working on […]

Mar 25, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #9: Flora’s

Going to a florist turns me into a spendthrift. It’s the same reason why they tell you not to go grocery shopping when you are hungry. You end up buying more than you want, but I had a good reason. I was at Flora’s shopping for a bouquet to send my mother for her birthday. […]

Mar 18, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #8: A Loose End

I had several messages from Sam. The last one he left was, “Garnet, call me. I know you don’t want to do this for the rest of your life. Hey, neither do I. Can you give me a few more days? There’s a job this Saturday that I don’t have anyone else to do. I’m […]

Mar 11, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #7: Driven

I drove a dune buggy once in the Pajaro Dunes. Does that count as driving? How about watching retro Mad Max movies with those crazy cars? I grew up in Hong Kong where no one drives. The subway system is Blade Runner, while BART is like the stage coach. My father was the only one […]