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by A. M. Schilling

Tizzy's rules for surviving high school: 1. Don't let the monsters know you can see them. 2. When you blow the first rule, do NOT take that as an okay to do shots with vampires. 3. Run. You ignored rule two, and now you’re hung over and have fairy hit men chasing your butt. If they catch you, surviving high school will be the least of your worries.

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Apr 30, 2014

Toxic #16: So That’s What Vampires Look Like With a Tan

“Toxic Cinema, #160 – So That’s What Vampires Look Like With a Tan.” It’s classic Seventies horror cheese at my house tonight, featuring the perma-tanned George Hamilton as Dracula. “Love at First Bite” has some pretty dated jokes, but even I—a rabid old school vampire fan—have to admit I liked the idea of Vlad moving […]

Apr 23, 2014

Toxic #15: Vodka and Venom Don’t Mix

It was his eyes—those beautiful, mesmerizing, mercury eyes. They’d done something to me that I didn’t want to recover from. Then his lips grazed mine, and it was about them, too. The music was gone. The ratty couches and stale beer smell was gone. There was cherry and sugar and something Damian, and that was […]

Apr 16, 2014

Toxic #14: The Dangers of Pie

Great. Just great. This angel-faced, devil-lipped guy, this guy that I’d been talking to willingly, was one of the monsters. He had to be if he knew I was meeting Vincent. And I didn’t care. I mean I did, but I didn’t. It was his eyes. His t-shirt. Damn it, it was his everything. I […]

Apr 9, 2014

Toxic #13: Michelangelo’s David Was a Dog

“Great. Just great.” The one time I was trying to hang with supernaturals and they weren’t even there. What was I supposed to do? Play spit on the drunk kids down below? I picked a group of couches that looked safe and hovered behind them. Maybe I should sit. Maybe I should get a clue […]

Apr 2, 2014

Toxic #12: So This is What Marie Antoinette Felt Like

“Jesus. I can’t believe someone from New York could have such a total lack of fashion sense. Did you never go to H&M?” Julia was smoking a joint in the back seat of Scott’s car, and the musky smell made my eyes water. I flipped her off and then rolled down the window. I couldn’t […]

Mar 26, 2014

Toxic #11: Genetics Are A Bitch

“What are you talking about?” My grandmother got off her perch and started back with the floating around. “The flowers. The mistletoe in the trees. There’s iron in the walls, too.” “He’s got an iron in his walls?” She’d lost me. “Not an iron. Iron plates and nails. Even the beams under the floor.” “Isn’t […]

Mar 19, 2014

Toxic #10: When Smurfs Attack

My grandmother floated back over as my father went inside. “What’s up with you and the flowers? You almost blinked out,” I whispered. She shook her head and gestured for me to be quiet. “You look like a Smurf.” She glanced down at herself, her hair floating in a fizzy blue puff. “What on earth?” […]

Mar 19, 2014

Toxic #9: Don’t Stop and Smell Those Roses

“Toxic Cinema, #157 – That’s One Way to Clean up the Clutter…” “Fahrenheit 451,” the book, rocks. “Fahrenheit 451,” the movie? Eh. The concept that firemen don’t actually put out fires, but start them, still tickles me. A fireman existing to burn books, because books rot the mind, is still the stuff of nightmares. The […]

Mar 12, 2014

Toxic #8: Why You Should Never Feed Stray Dogs

I dropped some cash on the bar and spun toward the door. That was enough rubbing elbows with the supernaturals for one day. My neighbor gripped my arm. “Hey—you okay?” I glared at his hand, not sure I was up to responding. A pale blue tattoo twisted around his wrist near the cuff of his […]

Mar 12, 2014

Toxic #7: Chess: A Contact Sport

I shifted from foot to foot, my sneakers making a soft squelch in the puddle I was leaving. Was this some kind of private club? A mob place? Something else? I edged my way to the bar, my eyes darting left to right. There was nothing remarkable, nothing that should’ve set my City Girl instincts […]



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