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by A. M. Schilling
Tizzy's rules for surviving high school: 1. Don't let the monsters know you can see them. 2. When you blow the first rule, do NOT take that as an okay to do shots with vampires. 3. Run. You ignored rule two, and now you’re hung over and have fairy hit men chasing your butt. If they catch you, surviving high school will be the least of your worries. Start at the beginning

Toxic Cast of Characters

 “TIZZY” TALULAH BANKS: A seventeen-year-old movie blogger who can see supernatural creatures. A sugar junkie and hydrophobe, she’d prefer it if the things that go bump in the night left her alone.

GRANDMA BANKS: Tizzy’s dead grandmother, she has a habit of popping up in ghost form and annoying Tizzy with her advice.

RICHARD: Tizzy’s absentee father. A Medieval Lit professor who has more secrets than he has cardigans.

SCOTT: A werewolf with a thing for soccer jerseys. Tizzy’s best friend, despite her objections.

DAMIAN: Born infected with the vampire virus, he’s the heir to the Ithaca vampire clan if he ever gives up his humanity and turns. His lazy, “I don’t care” attitude might be a cover for something darker, just like his fanboy t-shirts might be covering bruises he won’t explain.

VINCENT: A human working as a fairy hitman to pay off a debt to Queen Mab. Tizzy’s self-appointed teacher for all-things-monstrous.

FIR: A vertically-challenged barista with green hair who works at the Laughing Dragon. The unofficial leader of the supernaturals in town. Just don’t ask him about pots of gold.

ARABUS: The owner and namesake of the Laughing Dragon. Decades spent living under the bar have left him with a mean chess game and an unhealthy obsession for celebrity gossip shows.

BARNABUS: A kekeko, a species of bird who can talk and is known for the advice it gives. Obsessed with poetry, he has a habit of spouting Shakespeare when asked a question.

DEAN RORBAUCH: Damian and Julia’s father, and the leader of the Ithaca vampires.

CEDRIC: A gargoyle in need of an attitude adjustment. Works for Arabus.

JULIA: Damian’s 100% human sister, and 100% brat. Tizzy’s high school nemesis.

ANASTASIA: A fairy with a grudge against the vampires and a paranoid fascination with Tizzy.

MATILDA  AND  GLEN: Vampires on Dean Rorbach’s payroll.

KIM: Tizzy’s friend. An amateur Tarot reader who works in her mother’s bookstore, she knows more than a human should about supernatural creatures.



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