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The Lightening Round

by K.T. Newman
Enter The Ultimate Level -- San Francisco’s hottest gym, where all members are grouped into five distinct levels based on their individual fitness.  Hannah More is a highly imaginative, determined, and overweight thirty-nine-year-old woman.  She reluctantly joins The Ultimate Level where she will begin the journey of a lifetime, one level at a time.   Start at the beginning

The Lightening Round: Cast

HANNAH MORE: Hannah is just about to turn 40 and is the head of a very successful internet food/gift company, Samannah’s Happy Endings, with her sister Samantha.

LUKE HAVITT III: Luke, Hannah’s boyfriend, looks like an overly enhanced storybook prince. He views women as “projects” who can advance him to his proper place in the world.

BRENDEN DANIELS: Brenden is a member at The Ultimate Level who has has struggled with weight issues. He has worked diligently to advance through the gym’s five levels to Level 3– the intermediate level of the gym.

ACRONYM AMANDA ADAMS (A3):  The head of personal training and class instruction at The Ultimate Level.  A3 cautions one of her students never to judge those on lower levels because one never knows on which level they may end up.

MAHJER WEINER:  Mahjer (Pronounced Major) is new to Level 2 at The Ultimate Level.  He realizes that he has entered a different world with its own vocabulary and culture.

MOXIE HENDERSEN: A CATT (Contacts All The Time).  This sixty-five-year-old grandmother and gym member has her finger on the pulse of every type of networking on the planet.

DANTE CONSTANTINE:  The exceptionally handsome manager at The Ultimate Level.  He shares a past with many of his employees and gym members.

LEVEREECE THOMAS:  Levereece is Hannah’s best friend.  He is an African American man in his early twenties with a fifty inch waist who is determined to help Hannah realize her dreams.

MELISSA RUSSELL: The determined Director Membership at The Ultimate Level.  Melissa always get what she wants.  Especially when it comes to seeking revenge.

HeyYou:  A gym member on Level One who never learns any of the other members’ names.  She simply refers to everyone as “Hey you.” Hannah is the first person at The Ultimate Level whose name she remembers.

TRENT SILVER: Hannah’s first personal trainer who shows her how to actually turn exercise into an activity that she can actually enjoy.