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The Advisor

by Samuel Rush
Every second counts after Jared Golden, a San Francisco financial advisor, makes a cold call to the wrong prospect. Golden’s world is soon torn apart after the call is traced back to his firm with several of his coworkers meeting their untimely deaths. Now Golden must unravel the mystery in order to save millions of lives including his own. Start at the beginning

The Advisor: Cast

JARED GOLDEN: A hard-working financial advisor at San Francisco brokerage firm Ignatius Rowe. He was formerly an investigative journalist.

LEO HAYES: A trainee at Ignatius Rowe who is encountering tremendous difficulty surviving as a financial advisor.

LUCY MINCER: The most successful female financial advisor in the history of Ignatius Rowe.

VICTOR RAMIREZ: An Ignatius Rowe trainee who will do whatever it takes to get ahead at the firm.

CINAMMON ST. CLAIRE:  Ignatius Rowe’s most well-connected sales assistant who knows everything that is happening with the firm’s clients and the brokers who serve them.

FRIEDA BRASS:  A tough-as-nails mutual fund wholesaler who will do absolutely anything to get the financial advisors at Ignatius Rowe to sell her funds.

MOLLY GRANGER:  A comical and overworked compliance manager at Ignatius Rowe in San Francisco.

CHARLES DELANCEY:  Part father-confessor, part hard-nosed boss, Delancey is Ignatius Rowe’s regional manager.

CECIL POND (also known as “Death”):  A senior broker at Ignatius Rowe who is not concerned with what others think about his actions.

VANNESSA ROLLINS:  A top woman financial advisor at Ignatius-Rowe who will go to any lengths to get what she wants.

TOPHER WILSON: The exceptionally well-connected head of BioInternetics, a Silicon Valley corporation which promises to revolutionize the way Americans live their lives.

VIP (Vishnu Israel Rashid): The often quirky and always brilliant Silicon Valley inventor who equips Jared Golden with technological armament.