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The Advisor #9: Sex On The Line

Apr 29, 2012


Millbrae, CA   1:00 PM (Market Close)

Just as Jared thought that his car was about to head into an oncoming car, he suddenly was able to regain the use of his steering wheel.  With one frantic twist, Jared pulled over to the side of the road.  He sat in his car hyperventillating as he thought about what VIP had said to him right before his fateful trip.  Had his longtime friend actually armed his car with one of his gadgets or had he just been lucky?


 “Good afternoon, Ian.  I’m calling to invite you to the experience of a lifetime.”  The caller sat inside a cramped cubicle in a warehouse which was devoid of any windows.  The facility was enormous and contained three main chambers.  The bunker-like facility where the telemarketer sat was known only as The Call Center.  There was no access between the three distinct units of the complex nor was there any company name to be found on the premises.  The Call Center’s employees were an elite crew who were handsomely rewarded for their telemarketing skills.  Their loyalty to the firm was not simply expected–it was enforced.

“What kind of experience are we talking about?”  Ian’s target-profile was extensive and had been culled from numerous on-line sources ranging from search engines to social networking sites.  The caller knew every detail about where Ian had grown up, what schools he attended, and from his online porn surfing habits, she knew every one of the sexual hot buttons that would make him putty in her hands. As a first-year associate in a top San Francisco law firm, she knew that Ian would be filled with questions.  She also knew precisely how to disarm him in the shortest time possible.  The last thing she wanted him to do was to use his lawyer’s analytical mind to question her.  The potential for incredible sex had the ability to anesthetize even the most razor sharp of minds.

“Ian, I am offering you the opportunity to meet some of the most beautiful women in the world.  Do you like redheads?”  She knew that he liked redheads. She also knew exactly what he liked to do with redheads.

“Yes. I do.”  He had an appellate brief to finish.  But her voice was so intoxicating.  He could listen to her all night long. He imagined that she was a redhead herself.  And he was so lonely after breaking up with his girlfriend. Now, this woman he hadn’t known existed five minutes earlier had actually used her phone call to make him exceptionally horny.  Damn, she was good.

“Just imagine a room where every woman present is more beautiful than the next and they are all redheads.  What do you say?”  She didn’t have much more time to spend on this call.

“How much does this cost?”  He didn’t really care about the cost.  He just wanted to hear her try to sell him more.

“Just a hundred dollars.”  They didn’t need to charge, but it would have set off red flags if an experience like this was provided for free.

“And it’s not some kind of prostitution ring.  Right?”  He snickered into the phone.  He actually wanted to ask if he could meet in her person.

“Definitely not.  Can I count you in?”  She was already looking at her next target profile.

“Can you call back so I can think about it?”  He had been trained from his first year in law school never to agree to anything without conducting thorough research.  It was a program that was so hard-wired into his thought processes that nothing could override it.

“If you aren’t interested I will understand, Ian.  But I can only call once.”  She was telling him the truth.  If Ian or any other target did not agree to attend on the first cold call they were stricken from the list.

He was silent for what seemed like a full minute as he deliberated.  Finally, he caved.  The cold caller would get what she wanted.  “Okay. Okay.  I’ll be there.”

“Great.  I’ll email you the details. You can pay at the door.  Cash only.”  This Sex Ed class was filling up very nicely.  Her boss was going to be very satisfied.

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