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Sleepers Unbound #3: Death Makes Believers of Us All

Nov 29, 2016

Prof. O
Member #3

Posted August 02, 2016 12:05 AM

Holy guac! I didn’t think anyone would ever post on here. I’ve been waiting since I got the email, checking hourly, I think.

I went to his funeral. There were hundreds of us. All fans. Once the immediate family had left, we laid our favorite books at his coffin. We were there for hours, kneeling around his tombstone; talking, crying, whispering to each other about how it couldn’t be possible. Just one gigantic, collective nightmare.

I haven’t slept since. How can I? I’ve been reading the Sleeper novels since the beginning—for ten years now. I’ve read every book at least twice, and I’ve seen every movie twice as much as I’ve read the books (although the movies don’t nearly do them justice). The Sometimes they comes as soldiers; sometimes they come as ghosts story-arc is my favorite. I teach freshman English comp in upstate New York, and I’ve assigned it to my students for the past three years. I stay up all night rereading the opening pages to myself, thinking, “How can it all be over?”

But then I have this email in my inbox, and I don’t know. I feel a little hope. Like maybe the Sleeper novels aren’t over. Or they don’t have to be.

I don’t know you, Lucy. But you’re here for the same reason I am. Miles Granger is dead. And you and I are hurting in our own way. At his funeral, I saw others hurting. We did it together. It was beautiful. There was so much love in that place. So now I’m wondering if maybe we owe it to the rest of the Sleepers to take this email at its word? N.S. has changed my life. Truly.

I want to give back to Miles, now. I owe it to him. You were shown this place, and so was I. That happened for a reason. I have to believe it happened for a reason. Besides, you wouldn’t have posted if you weren’t at least a little curious.

So….what do you think? Wanna give it a shot, Lucy-Loo?


Member #2

Posted August 02, 2016 07:50 PM

Eat your heart out, Prof. O. Please.


Brick House Publishing @BHPublishing – 20m

8 yrs ago today, @MilesGrangerAuthor traveled the ocean for the first time in #SometimesTheyComeWithTeeth…of which sold 1 million copies.

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