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Sleepers Unbound #1: Sometimes They Come To Eat

Nov 15, 2016



From: unknownsender

to me

Subject: Miles Granger is not dead

29 JUL 2016, 7:40 PM


Dear Author,

Sometimes they come as heroes; sometimes they come as thieves. Sometimes they come to wonder; sometimes they come to eat. What if I told you the Nicholas Sleeper horror novels are not yet finished? That the death of our beloved, internationally bestselling author, Miles Granger, is not the death of Sleeper? Soon the world will realize treasure exists in the form of newly-discovered, unpublished M.S. manuscripts.


Brick House Publishing is seeking a writer to continue Mr. Granger’s quest—to step blindly into the space of a world-wide phenomenon, no matter how dark and uninviting that world may appear. Is it in you? Can you, Dearest Fan, conquer the beasts you have come to praise? Do you have what it takes to tell the truth of Miles Granger’s fiction? The door is closing, and the time is now. We have created a virtual space for you to prove you are worthy to bear the name: RESTLESS-SLEEPERS.net. The forum locks at capacity. We are inviting a total of four writers. There can only be one to bear the name. As with all tests, there is a deadline: one month. At the end of 30 days, you must all present a synopsis in the likeness of our fallen hero’s horror novels.


Captivate us with your stories. We will be watching. THE MANTRA LIVES ON.





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