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Endeavour’s Fall #34: Detours

Aug 28, 2017




The same thing is to be understood of all bodies, revolved in any orbits. They all endeavour to recede from the centres of their orbits, and were it not for the opposition of a contrary force which restrains them to and detains them in their orbits, which I therefore call Centripetal, would fly off in right lines with a uniform motion. 

   Lord Isaac Newton, PBUH 


The rebel crew of the Endeavour watched Sam walk up the line.  He walked a short way, then couldn’t wait any longer and ran through the switch marker towards his home. The airship floated up into the gentle breeze. 

 Norris strolled back to the bridge.  Adams followed him, only a few steps behind. 

 “It is a shame to lose him,said Norris. 

 “Yes.  But the boy wants to be with his family,” said Adams.  

 They entered the bridge.  Norris stopped and turned to face Adams. 

 “I suppose that is what we are fighting for,” said Norris.  “All of the questions of innovation, taxation, production, representation… all of it.  It all boils down to whether or not we have the freedom to raise our families as we choose.  To be with them.” 

 “With the people we love?” Adams said softly. 

 “Exactly,” replied Norris, looking her directly in the eye. “With the people we love.” 

 She smiled, and turned to look out at the mountains.  “One of the Adams once said something along those lines.  Something like, ‘I study war so my sons can study mathematics, so their sons can study poetry.'” She sighed,He was not that worried about his granddaughters studying war as well. 

 Norris turned and stood at her shoulder.  “The idea is the same though.  The sacrifice we make will pay off in the end.” 

 “For that to happen, there must be an end,” she said. 

 “There must both be an end to war, and a chance of new beginnings,” he added. 

 “At least a chance of it,” she said.  Adams drew herself up straight.  “So, what’s next, Captain?” 

 Norris paused a moment, then turned to the helm.  “Next, we go to Albany.  Perhaps the inland posts have not had time to prepare for our new tactics yet.  I have some ideas for using ground troops as well.  Where do we stand with our Iroquois forces?” 

 “They have been remarkably efficient,” said Adams.  “And we picked up a few reinforcements.  They are at full strength.” 

 “I don’t like asking Running Bear for anything.  We need some colonists to fill the hole that Sam is leaving.  The Iroquois are amazing soldiers, but I don’t trust them to run our airship.  Especially now that we have this new wiring on board.”  

 “Of course,” agreed Adams. 

  Norris leaned towards a speaking tube and clicked it open.  “Heading south by southwest,” he ordered, and turned the helm accordingly.  Then to Adams, he said: “we could duck into one these hills and walk into town, or I suppose we could try to bluff our way onto the tower in Albany one last time.”   

 Adams already had her scopes out, scanning the ground ahead.  “Our markings have held up well, but they must be on the lookout for us.”   

 “They must be,” agreed Norris.  “Let’s see if we can catch them sleeping.” 

  Norris repeated his order up to the mainspring.    

  “That’s odd,” he said.  “Did we send Greg back to the mainspring?”  

  “Yes.  Unless he is sleeping again.”   

  Norris shrugged. “We have kept long watches for too long.” 

 Adams shook her head and stormed off the bridge.  “I’ll find him.”  

  A heartbeat later, Adams was back on the bridge.    

  “Norris?” she called.   “I think we’ve had a change of plans.” 

 Adams was accompanied by the Iroquois known as Running Bear and two of his armed braves. 

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