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Castro Bridge Mix #5: The Long Suit

Oct 20, 2013

“You came along. Just like a…” Lyrick watched out of the corner of his eye as a cable car pulled its way up mountainous California Street towards exclusive Nob Hill. He was a well-dressed man in his mid-twenties. Based on his slick and chiseled veneer, he could have been a junior associate in a top law firm, or a young entrepreneur.

“How long are you visiting San Francisco?” A striking woman wearing a tight black sweater covering a matching jersey dress turned to face a rather dapper gentleman seated beside her on the outside bench of the cable car. He was the quintessential man’s man with short salt and pepper hair and a matching mustache. He wore a navy serge suit and a rep tie. She could tell that he definitely wasn’t middle management. Probably a C-Suite executive. It was obvious from his facial expression that he was flattered by the attention from the incredibly sexy young woman who was pressing her thigh up against his.

“I’m here on business for the week. Name’s Charles.” He shook the young woman’s hand and thought how it might be nice to have some company while he was away from home.

“Great to meet you, Charles. I’m Maureen.” She spotted Charles’ Fairmont room key peaking out from his inside pocket. This was going to be one fun week. She loved The Fairmont and the rich generous men who stayed there.

The crowded cable car stopped on California Street for a moment affording Lyrick the chance to hop on board.  He clung to the outside hand grip in front of where Charles and Maureen were seated. He paid Maureen a knowing glance. “Wouldn’t you like to ride in my beautiful…”  The way he spoke the song lyric without any direction to anyone near him made Charles take notice of the young man. Maureen had already removed her sweater to reveal her ample cleavage. They were getting close to his destination.  She decided it was time to close the deal.

Charles smiled at Maureen’s new display of flesh. His head swung back and forth like a pendulum as the young woman’s mountainous breasts jiggled to the rhythm of the creaking cable car. But despite her impressive performance, Charles couldn’t help but take notice of Lyrick’s subtly sensual gyration on the narrow platform right in front of where he and Maureen were seated.  Lyrick slowly unbuttoned his suit jacket and arched his back as the cable car got closer to the top of Nob Hill. The tight fit of Lyrick’s suit pants combined with the fact that he wasn’t wearing any underwear gave Charles an idea of exactly how much Lyrick was working with.

Maureen immediately realized from the direction of Charles’ glances that she was outmatched and she excused herself at the next stop. Her eyes shot daggers towards Lyrick as she exited. Lyrick answered her facial expression with a victorious half-smile.

Charles’ mouth was dry as Lyrick instantly claimed Maureen’s seat next to him and extended his hand. “Lyrick. And you’re…”

“Ready to be played like a song.” Charles prided himself on always being in control — in the boardroom and the bedroom. But something about this strapping young man was completely disarming. He turned to Lyrick and waited obediently for his instructions. He would do whatever he was told no matter what the price.

“Come sail away. Come sail…”  Lyrick motioned as their ride stopped in front of the Fairmont Hotel. He was ready to take control.


© Copyright 2013.  Will Morrison.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.