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Castro Bridge Mix #12: Sacrifices

Dec 8, 2013

San Francisco District Attorney Office,  850 Bryant Street


Dereck listened intently with his office door closed.  It sounded like a faint pawing at his door.  Gradually the pawing sounds mutated into a sporadic knocking.  “Who’s there?”

The door gradually opened and Dereck set eyes on a homeless man covered with dirt, his face completely overgrown with blond and brown moss-like hair.  It was Grizzy Adam.  “My name’s Adam.”

Dereck instinctively reached for his cell phone in case this man was violent.  He spoke very slowly and very calmly.  “I’m Dereck.  What can I do for you Adam?”

“I can’t live with what I did.”  Rivulets of tears began to flow down the thick hairy overgrowth on Adam’s gnarled face.

“What did you do, Adam?”  Dereck’s mind flashed on the description of the homeless man who had attacked Waffles outside of Mae’s.  It fit Adam to a T. Although, it fit a lot of homeless as well.

“Marc.”  He started to hit his fist on his own chest.  “He was so good to me.”

“Are you talking about Marc Nesbitt?”  Dereck could sense that this was a very gut wrenching admission for this man to pull out of himself.

“The ones with the roofs.  They all look at us if we aren’t even human beings.  But he didn’t do that.” Streams of tears were trickling through the thick fur covering’s Adam’s face.

Dereck attempted to be welcoming as he motioned for Adam to take a seat in front of his desk. “Why don’t you tell me what happened, Adam?”

Adam refused to make eye contact with Dereck. He bolted over to where Dereck was standing. “I killed him.

“Why did you kill him, Adam?”  It just didn’t make any sense why someone would kill an individual who had been so kind to them.  But then Dereck reconsidered as he saw the  haunting look on Adam’s glazed over eyes.

Adam suddenly leapt over to where Adam was standing and put his hand on his neck.  He had a powerful grasp on Dereck’s windpipe.  Dereck knew that if he made one wrong move that this man could kill him in a heartbeat.  “It don’t matter why.  That don’t matter.”

Just as Dereck thought that Adam was about to take his life, he felt the stranglehold on his neck release.  When he looked up, Adam had disappeared


Dereck could feel his heart pounding inside his chest when suddenly he felt his text alert on the phone inside his front pocket.


Turns out Hollyweird does take chances after all! I got the part! I leave tomorrow for preliminary shooting in LA. Then on location around the world.

Thanks for being the best friend I ever had. Give my thanks to Lyrick for saving my life. Happy for you both.




 © Will Morrison 2013.  All Rights Reserved.