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Body Packaging # 8: Her World On Fire

Mar 30, 2012


Heather Greystone stood naked in front of an immense fire watching as a fellow Leosen — part lion, part serpent, and part human — slid through the fire separating them and transformed himself into a man with a mane of thick blond fur on his head. They began kissing passionately as Heather’s serpent tail swayed back and forth. Never one to take film sets too seriously she looked down at her naked fellow actor and smiled as much as her Leosen make-up permitted.  “Is that your serpent tail or are you just happy to see me?”  The thirty crew members erupted in laughter causing their director to call for a break in filming.

“Sex between aliens has always intrigued me.”  Michael Dettinger, one of Hollywood’s hottest directors, walked over to his two semi-naked stars whose magnificent facial features were obscured by their Leosen make-up.  All of Hollywood was buzzing about the young-faced Dettinger who had been plucked from obscurity in order to direct the most anticipated feature film of the year.   The soundstage housed an interesting mixture of shockingly realistic sets and numerous green screens for superimposing computer-animated special effects.  They were working to finish the final scene from Sidney Martel’s latest picture.  Martel was rumored to be on a secluded vacation alone.

Scaffolding positioned inches away from where Dettinger and his two stars stood next to one another began shaking furiously.  Heather shrieked as she noticed that her costar had been shot and was bleeding.  At first, she thought it might have been an on-set practical joke, but the look of pain on her costar’s face was most definitely not from acting. Dettinger lifted his male lead and rushed both actors to the soundstage exit with the rest of the terrified crew.  Instead of following the crowd which had fled from the soundstage, he ran back to the scene of the crime without the slightest hint of fear.

An electric green cheetah creature was lurking in the scaffolding above the set.  Dettinger decided to find out who was behind the shooting.  “You can come out now.  I know who you were really after.”

Dede Storm lept off the scaffolding and landed on top of  Michael Dettinger tumbling them both onto the floor.  Dede held onto Dettinger with her elaborately costumed arms and pulled firmly around Dettinger’s neck.   “You can’t hide from me, you doll-house-playing Satan.” She tugged at his face to reveal that he was, in fact, Cole Majestic.

“I knew it was you, Hairdresser.  Did you come around here looking for your friend, Sidney?”  Majestic knew that she wouldn’t kill him until she found out what he knew.

Dede thrust her gun into Majestic’s ribs.  “Tell me what’s going on, Majestic.”

Majestic grunted as he struggled to get Dede off of him.  He took a cue from his last scene and decided to make use of the highly flammable costumes which his cast was forced to wear.  “You know, Sidney’s career has never been hotter since he met me.  I think I can do the same thing for you.  I can take you to meet him right now. Wouldn’t you like that?”  With a serpent-like movement he freed himself from Dede Storm’s iron grip and simultaneously lit the bottom of her electric green costume on fire.

Dede knew that if she didn’t think fast that she would quickly burn to death and there was no one to help her.  Majestic roared as he ran off the soundstage.  “It’s worth it to destroy a multi-million dollar set to be rid of you once and for all, Dede Storm.  Now, burn in Hell!”


© Jennifer Strauss 2012. All Rights Reserved.