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Body Packaging #7: Plastic Explosive

Aug 14, 2011

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Lily Messing possessed the archetypal nondescript face.  Her average features, while certainly not offensive, ensured that in the unlikely event that someone noticed her that they would never remember her for very long. Virtually all of the patients at the plastic surgery practice she was visiting were referred there by either top talent agencies or production companies.  The patients seen here had been singled out for their unique talents, which if housed in the correct package, could transform them from character actors to household names.  In fact, so many top actors and on-air television personalities had been patients at the facility that those in Lily’s shoes were referred to as “Pre-A-List,” or “Pre-A’s” for short.  But Lily Messing had been sent by neither a studio nor a top talent agency.  She waited patiently along with an African-American male pharmaceutical rep who was intent on selling a new medical innovation.

Dr. Jake Orinda, a ruggedly handsome man with a face designed to appear trustworthy, looked up from a patient chart to admire his own work—his nurse Paulina’s exceptionally beautiful, yet natural-looking breasts.  There was something about recreating each of his patients that made them almost irresistible to him.  They were so perfectly tailored to his own personal aesthetic.  He decided to extend Lily’s wait in the reception area a bit longer while he performed a reevaluation of Heather’s body which was barely covered in a form-fitted white suit custom-designed by Michael Kors.

Paulina knew exactly what her boss desired.  She watched as he removed his white lab coat, blue silk Armani tie, and snug black gabardine trousers. She watched as the almighty Dr. Jake Orinda knelt in front of her—his most recently hired employee.  He was groveling for the chance to touch Heather.  Paulina’s voice was stern as she guided him.  “You may lick my ankle bracelet.”

Jake immediately obeyed her command.  “Yes, Mistress.  May I go further?”  Despite his incredible physical conditioning, Orinda’s heart began beating so hard that he could actually feel it pounding inside his chest.  He was so turned on by the prospect of worshipping the magnificent woman before him.  He begged Paulina incessantly for the opportunity to pleasure her in any way in which she saw fit.

Paulina gauged Jake’s level of ecstasy as if she were using a thermometer to determine whether one of her patients was running a fever.  Paulina was exceptionally careful never to allow herself to feel anything for the man who was servicing her.  She sensed what had happened to those who preceded her. Those who were nowhere to be found. Without warning, Paulina spoke.  “Our time is up.”

Jake obeyed her and immediately began to get dressed.  Within a few minutes, he and Lily Messing were together for their first office consultation.  He held a tablet on his lap as he strategized where he would make surgical alterations to virtually every part of her body. Lily Messing was an atypical client whose profession had nothing to do with Hollywood.  But the work that Orinda would be performing on Lily would be far more important than any of the alterations he had performed on countless Hollywood legends.

He was so focused on his work that Jake barely noticed Paulina.  She handed him a small note that read “We have trouble.”  Jake immediately excused himself and went into his Architectural-Digest-worthy reception area.

Jake and Paulina both walked over to the well-dressed African-American sales representative whose face was buried in a Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine.  “So, what can we do for you Mr. –”

His voice was smooth and very deep.  “Happenstance.  Theodore Happenstance.”  He shook Jake’s hand firmly.  “Thanks for your time, Dr. Orinda. As my company told you on the phone, we have a very special innovation for plastic surgeons such as yourself.”

Paulina turned to the sales rep.  “We have no record of a call from any company, Mr. Happenstance.”  Her lips were full, but perfectly so, and not over-inflated like a duck’s.  Orinda did very good work.

“Can we take this somewhere private?”  Theodore motioned towards the examination rooms.

“Who are you?”  Dr. Jake Orinda reached for the syringe carefully placed inside his labcoat’s right pocket.  Paulina retracted an enormous switchblade from what appeared to be out of nowhere.  She grazed the surface of their intruder’s neck with her blade. The tiny incision revealed that their visitor was in fact white.

Dede Storm used her briefcase to smash Paulina and get the knife away from her. Dede then darted toward the exit and made it as far as the entranceway when suddenly she felt a needle pierce her left thigh.  She struggled to move her legs which felt like they were made of lead. With her vision almost completely blurred, Dede pushed her own boundaries to get outside of Dr. Orinda’s office door.  She knew that if she didn’t get out now that she was a dead woman.

© Jennifer Strauss 2011. All Rights Reserved.