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Body Packaging #13: Out With A Bang

Nov 8, 2013

Bel Air, California

“So, how did you manage to escape?” Veronica gazed into Philippe’s deep-set brooding eyes knowing in her heart that the impostor stripping off his clothes in front of her was probably responsible for Philippe’s murder. She feigned a smile as it finally sunk in that she would never see her true love alive.

“You know me. I always end up on top.” Philippe’s substitute wasted no time unzipping Veronica’s form fitting mini-dress. His tongue traced her back’s contours while his muscular hands reached around her to caress her firm breasts. He was an exceptionally skilled lover.

She had to remind herself that the naked man on top of her was not her romantic partner and was probably with her to kill her as he darted his tongue in and out of her ears. She felt his growing erection in her hand. “Seems even bigger than I remember.”

“It probably is.” He instantly wrapped his hands around Veronica’s neck and began choking the life out of her.

Veronica used both of her elbows simultaneously to break away from his strangulating grip. “You no good fuck. First you kill Philippe and now you think you can bang me and then kill me too? Fat fucking chance.”

He found himself incredibly aroused by the drop dead gorgeous woman wearing nothing but a death stare aimed straight into his emboldened eyes. “You know you have to die. Why don’t you sit back and enjoy this part of the process?”

With a single twist of her gymnast’s body, Veronica maneuvered herself on top of her assassin. “Enjoy getting screwed by you? You didn’t even get your script right. Always finish on top? Fuck you! I’m the one who’s on top.” She knew she was risking her own life by playing with him, but part of her didn’t care anymore now that Philippe was dead.  Veronica pounded her fists on his chest while she rode on top of the impostor.

Just as she was about to get off of him and run, he flipped himself on top of Veronica. “Okay. Playtime’s over.” He reattached his hands around her neck with every intent of crushing it.

“What the fuck are you doing with that man, Veronica?”  It was a man’s voice. But it wasn’t the voice of the man who was trying to strangle her.

She looked up at a heavy set man with a thick beard and mustache coming for her. “Do I know you?” At this point, she didn’t care who he was. He was her ticket out.

“How can you cheat on me with this piece of shit?” The voice was slightly recognizable, but she couldn’t think of where she had met this guy.

The impostor decided that he would deal with Veronica’s half-crazed lover later. He had a job and he was going to execute it. He twisted Veronica’s neck until he heard a loud bang. His hands were still clenching Veronica’s neck as the rest of his body went numb. He’d been shot in the back of his head.

“Okay. Okay. This is fucking unbelievable. Thank you for saving my life. But who the fuck are you?” Veronica realized that she was covered with the impostor’s blood.

The rather large man shook his head as he spoke. “You know for someone in mourning, you sure seemed to be getting off with that guy.”

Veronica didn’t know whether to thank this guy or tell him to go to Hell. “Look, I haven’t been laid in five months. Now, who the fuck are you?”

“You mean you can’t recognize your own sister?” Dede Storm pulled off her disguise and smiled.


©  Jennifer Rush 2013. All Rights Reserved.