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Body Packaging #11: The Ultimate Test

Oct 5, 2013

Simi Valley, California


“Holy fuckballs! Is that me?” After years of making her preeminent reputation by wearing breathtaking disguises, Dede Storm didn’t even recognize herself. She looked quizzically at her own reflection as Melange finally revealed her appearance within the confines of a large oval mirror.

“It’s damned lucky for you that we had better workers on hand than they had back with old Humpty Dumpty.” Melange’s brilliant mane of blonde hair deeply contrasted with the dark cloak she had wound up like a velvety coil around her agile body. She walked hand in hand with her partner, Nieandro, a muscular blond man whose handsome face was framed with a thick beard and mustache.

“You must have really needed me to go to these tremendous lengths to bring me back.”  Dede used her mind to control the excruciating pain she felt as she moved her joints. Melange had taught her how to control the pain and redirect it in order to make herself even stronger than she had been before.

“I think you’re ready to be tested.” Melange retracted a dagger from under her cloak and thrust it at Dede narrowly missing her head.

“What the fuck was that for? Tested for what, Melange? What’s at stake here?” Dede sized up her mentor turned opponent. She used every ounce of her concentration to anticipate Melange’s movements. With a sudden rush of energy, Dede grabbed Melange’s weapon and held it within inches of her throat. “Did I pass the test?”

“Not yet.” Melange leapt on top of Nieandro’s shoulders and the two of them instantly executed a flawless piggyback backflip in front of Dede. She jumped off Nieandro’s shoulders and landed right in front of Dede. She stared straight into Dede’s eyes as she spoke. “What’s at stake, Dede Storm, is the world as we know it.”

“Let’s cut the crap here, Melange. What do you want from me?” Dede held her dagger firmly and ignored the agonizing pain shooting up her right arm to her fingers.

“Kill him.” She pointed to Nieandro who stood silently without a trace of emotion on his face.

“Kill who?” Dede looked bewildered. Why would this crazy woman want her to kill her life partner?

“This is your test, Dede Storm. Kill Nieandro and then you may leave.”  She watched the expression in Dede’s eyes as she spoke. “But be forewarned.  If you do not kill him, he must kill you.”


©  Jennifer Rush 2013. All Rights Reserved.