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Assisi & Brannan #8: A Loose End

Mar 18, 2014

I had several messages from Sam.

The last one he left was, “Garnet, call me. I know you don’t want to do this for the rest of your life. Hey, neither do I. Can you give me a few more days? There’s a job this Saturday that I don’t have anyone else to do. I’m out myself for the morning. It’s Saratoga wine country. Please? Call me please.”

I didn’t feel sorry for him. I would drive limos all day if I owned the company.

Sam rarely called me. He texted me my jobs and I had hundreds of texts from him.

I scrolled through his old messages and started deleting them.

Then I saw it.

My regulars were Andrea, a corporate account for Goodwind Plastics and a tech company based in the UK.

There had been something about Sarah Dinh and I hadn’t been able to place it until I saw an old text from Sam. She had worked at Goodwind Plastics as the office manager and had called in the jobs to SOMA Car and Limo.

“I’ll do this one last time,” I told him when he answered.

“Garnet! You’re the best! What happened? Joe called me and said you were great.”


“Joe. Fuz. Big guy.”


“Hey Sam, do you remember the office manager at Goodwind Plastics?”

“Yeah, it’s Sarah Dinh?”

“Right, did you know her well?”

“Not really, just that she called in the orders.”

“Do you know the people she worked with?”

“My buddy Joe works there. That’s how the company started using us. Why?”

“Can I talk to Joe? Sarah’s the woman I wrote about. There’s something I need to check out.”


“What?” I could hear he had a but at the end.

“Is there any chance you can do a small job tonight? Couple hours max. I would, but I can’t. Please?”

I needed the money.

It’s been a day since the article on Sarah was published and the flood of opinion and conjecture that came on our site is amazing and in some cases, repugnant. Most people were caring and sympathetic for this missing young mother who had allegedly gone to a social event probably to escape for a few hours. On the other end, the trolls were out condemning her for seeking pleasure when her priorities should have been at home. The subtext was unmistakable, she was a tease who deserved what she got.

Like Harry Callahan says, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.”

Gene, her husband, had called me. He hated the headline.

“She’s not missing. She’s gone,” he said with terrible finality.

He wouldn’t hear my explanation, but it got me thinking why he would say that.


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