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Sleepers Unbound

by Elliott J. Scott

Days after news of the death of the international bestselling author of the Nicholas Sleeper horror novels sweeps the headlines, four aspiring writers receive an obscure email from an unknown source claiming to work for the belated author’s publisher. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the sender promises to grant one candidate the chance to ghost-write a series of unpublished Sleeper novels.

Dec 6, 2016

Sleepers Unbound #4: A Pastor, His Mother and the Hand of God

      Calvin Member #4 Posted August 02, 2016 10:01 PM   It took believing in miracles for me to believe in God—and it took witnessing a miracle for me to believe in them. I’ve been preaching the Word of God since my mother died and came back to life. It started as a […]

Nov 29, 2016

Sleepers Unbound #3: Death Makes Believers of Us All

Prof. O Member #3 Posted August 02, 2016 12:05 AM Holy guac! I didn’t think anyone would ever post on here. I’ve been waiting since I got the email, checking hourly, I think. I went to his funeral. There were hundreds of us. All fans. Once the immediate family had left, we laid our favorite […]

Nov 22, 2016

Sleepers Unbound #2: Cigarettes and the Oklahoma Mega Millions

Lucy Member #2 Posted August 01, 2016 09:22 PM I watched a woman win 250K today. Her name’s Evelyn Baxter. She’s a tax professional and works downtown by the court house. I know because she charges me my return every season for her services. Most mornings before work I stop in at the corner station […]

Nov 15, 2016

Sleepers Unbound #1: Sometimes They Come To Eat

    From: unknownsender to me Subject: Miles Granger is not dead 29 JUL 2016, 7:40 PM   Dear Author, Sometimes they come as heroes; sometimes they come as thieves. Sometimes they come to wonder; sometimes they come to eat. What if I told you the Nicholas Sleeper horror novels are not yet finished? That […]