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Castro Bridge Mix

by Will Morrison

Open the carefully guarded door to Mae’s Bridge studio, a rather remarkable world within San Francisco’s Castro District which has survived for over five decades.  Once inside, you will quickly learn that the card game takes a backseat to the players’ outrageous antics, romantic pursuits, schemes, double-dealings, and murders.

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Nov 3, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #7: Grand Slam

San Francisco, Halloween 2013   “Everyone has their purpose.” Tell Williams strolled down Castro Street wearing a striking creme-colored three-piece suit as he spoke to himself about a new addition to Castro Street who was busily soliciting donations. To the untrained eye, Tell appeared to be wearing a stylish garment rather than a Halloween costume. […]

Oct 27, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #6: Conventions

San Francisco, Halloween 1959 “Pardon me, y’all.” Lullabelle Fitzsimmons squeezed her slender body costumed in a gold sequined flapper’s dress into the legendary Black Cat Cafe. It was certainly not an acceptable place for a proper young woman to spend Halloween, but she didn’t give a damn. Halloween was rapidly evolving into the quintessential gay […]

Oct 20, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #5: The Long Suit

“You came along. Just like a…” Lyrick watched out of the corner of his eye as a cable car pulled its way up mountainous California Street towards exclusive Nob Hill. He was a well-dressed man in his mid-twenties. Based on his slick and chiseled veneer, he could have been a junior associate in a top […]

Oct 13, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #4: Openings

The lines leading up to Odyssey were longer than ever tonight. Rumors were circulating that Lady Gaga and Madonna were planning to use the incredibly hot venue to debut their duet one night before it was downloadable worldwide. Only VIP guests had any chance of getting into the club. Dereck had made a point of […]

Oct 6, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #3: Two Clubs

  “And no tour of the Castro would be complete without a stop at One Mae Way. Welcome to the home of Mae’s New World Bridge Studio — a Castro landmark which has survived for over five decades.”  The large group of tourists huddled around a swarthy tour guide outfitted in a khaki vest, matching […]

Sep 27, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #2: Rubber Bridge

No matter how much he tried to change his looks, JT Madison had a face which always risked instant recognition. The thirty-six-year-old superstar had appeared on the covers of countless magazines and tabloid newspapers and had been featured in television, movies, and on Broadway. His daily workout regimens with a top personal trainer ensured that […]

Sep 27, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #1: First Hand

Marc Nesbitt shot through the crowded Montgomery Muni underground station like a human bullet.