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Endeavour's Fall

by J.O. Evans
Endeavour's Fall is a fast-paced steampunk adventure set in a world of airship battles, intrigue, and revolution.

Cast of Characters

The Mack Family
The Mack family are itinerant miners on a railway spur in the hills above the town of Switch, in the New York colony above Albany. Alistair Ford and Sarah Ann Mack have three sons: Tom, Al, and Sam. Sam is a student in Switch and runs a steam shovel on his family’s mine. He was recently fitted with a metal, clockwork leg to replace one that had to be amputated because of an illness.

The Town of Switch
Switch is barely a town, just a collection of mines and workers that has grown up on the tracks above Albany. Switch is known for labor uprisings and brutal repression. Its de facto leader is Deacon Rustin Dunbar. The Deacon’s daughter, Emma, goes to school with Sam.

His Imperial Majesty’s Airship Endeavour
The airship Endeavour has been stationed far from the horrors of the front lines in Europe, but Captain James Lockhart will not let that stop him from finding glory. He is a but cold and calculating tactician and is determined to rid the North Atlantic trade routes of troublesome pirates. He is assisted aboard by First Mate Boulanger, Chief Airman Jones, who runs the mainspring, and a crew of volunteers and impressed airman. These include Airman Adams, a crack marksman from the Colonies, and Jack, a plucky hand from the slums of East London.

The Star Chamber
His Imperial Majesty uses a number of tools to maintain order and combat any deviation from the Newtonian orthodoxy and status quo. The secretive Star Chamber rivals them all in power and effectiveness. The inquisitive Reverand Dimsdale is leading Star Chamber investigations near Switch.

The Haudonasaunee
The wise Haudonasaunee, called “Iroquois” by many, united the native nations in opposition to European colonization and successfully held back the advances of a weakened and distracted Empire. While technically there is now peace along the fortified border with the colonies, their informal raids remain a thorn in the side of local colonials. Running Bear, a shadowy Haudonasaunee intelligence officer, would like to rid the continent of the Empire altogether, and is willing to work with pirates and revolutionaries to reach his goals.