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Anchors No More

by David Edward Wagner
Doctors Holly Marshal and Gary Neff have discovered the secrets of time travel, but now that they have made the first practical test of their theory, they find themselves in an entirely different race against time as the military and its corporate investors want what they have.  Start at the beginning

David Edward Wagner

Raised in Marion, Ohio, songwriter/novelist David Edward Wagner splits his time between Oakland, California and Istanbul, Turkey. As a writer and musician, David has created a varied and evolving catalog of songs, novels, screenplays, and prose, all tinted with a shade of social consciousness, sometimes hidden, sometimes highlighted, with inventive humor and device.

NBC television used David’s original work for use on their sitcom, The New Normal and he has appeared in publications such as Short Fuse and The Huck-a-Buck, as well as in the Italian Top Twenty with his original composition German Sparkle Party.

David holds an MA in philosophy from San Francisco State University.

To learn more about David, check out his website:


Anchors No More

by David Edward Wagner {bio}
Rating: Adult

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