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Castro Bridge Mix

by Will Morrison
Open the carefully guarded door to Mae’s Bridge studio, a rather remarkable world within San Francisco’s Castro District which has survived for over five decades.  Once inside, you will quickly learn that the card game takes a backseat to the players’ outrageous antics, romantic pursuits, schemes, double-dealings, and murders. Start at the beginning.

Cast of Characters

MARC NESBITT:  Marc is a commuter heading to the Castro in order to play Bridge when he runs into an unexpected set of circumstances.

ADAM: A homeless man at the same Muni station frequented by Marc Nesbitt. Adam may have insight into what has happened with Marc.

JT MADISON (A.K.A. WAFFLES):  One of the most recognizable and openly gay superstars on the planet.  JT retreats into the world of Mae’s in the Castro in order to escape from being a celebrity.

LULLABELLE FITZSIMMONS (A.K.A. LADY LU): Lullabelle is the 75-year-old Southern matriarch of Mae’s New World Bridge Studio which she has belonged to for over five decades. She is still a spitfire and commands tremendous local attention as San Francisco’s leading socialite, but she has numerous damaging secrets which may be brought to light shortly.

EARL GREY RODRIGUEZ (A.K.A. POPEYE ROBOTO): Known as Popeye Roboto based on his muscular physique, Popeye has pulled himself from tremendous depths.  He found his way into the world of Mae’s, but he realizes that something sinister is going on behind the scenes at Mae’s.

KAY LAM:  A Chinese immigrant in her 60s, Kay has built an empire of business throughout the Bay Area.  She relies on Mae’s for her group of friends.  She is loyal to a fault, but lately her allegiances have been brought into question.

DERECK KINGSLEY: Barely 40, Dereck is the San Francisco District Attorney and is one of the sexiest men in San Francisco.  He has been married and divorced from both a woman and a man. He briefly dated JT, but now is concentrating on building his political career to one day become California’s first openly gay governor.