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Sleepers Unbound

by Elliott J. Scott
Days after news of the death of the international bestselling author of the Nicholas Sleeper horror novels sweeps the headlines, four aspiring writers receive an obscure email from an unknown source claiming to work for the belated author's publisher. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the sender promises to grant one candidate the chance to ghost-write a series of unpublished Sleeper novels.

Cast of Characters

MILES GRANGER is the best selling author of the Nicholas Sleeper horror novels, a series that spans 22 full-length novels and six movies. It is rumored that Granger sought inspiration for each of his books from real-world experiences. He was 67 at the time of his death.

NICHOLAS SLEEPER is a fictitious character and the star of Miles Granger’s horror novels. An adrenaline seeker, Nicholas Sleeper bathes in the macabre and lives to tell about it on his widely devoured digital newsletter. A world-wide phenomenon, fans of the books refer to themselves as “Sleepers” to show their unyielding support of the series.

LUCY GILL is a mail sorter for the United States Postal Service. She lives alone in an apartment complex in Norman, Oklahoma. She has never traveled. She has no pets. And she has never had a single piece of fiction published. She has, however, recently begun smoking again.

PROF. O teaches English Composition in upstate New York. Eight years ago, he wrote a series of science-fiction/romance paperbacks under the pen-name, DeLane Lopez—but don’t tell his students. He would never live it down. Especially the opening scene in his third book, A Harp Plucked in Elegy

CALVIN BAKER is a Bible-believing Christian. After a simple prayer resurrects his mother, Calvin devotes his life to serving a higher calling. He has since disseminated the Lord’s Word from his pew at the Burma Storehouse, a small flock of roughly twenty souls. God is working in Calvin’s heart.

SARAH JEWEL is a nineteen-year-old writer of short science-fiction, and she is a graduate of the Clarion West class of 2015. Her writing has appeared in various print and online anthologies. Her novella, The Woods, The Cyclist, is a finalist for the Indiana Standard Award. She lives in New Castle, Indiana. Follow her on Twitter @SarahSJewels.

MARIA HOLSTROM is the lead receptionist at Brick House Publishing.

BRANDON UPTON is Director of Operations at Brick House Publishing. He hasn’t read a single Nicholas Sleeper book, but he does subscribe to a plethora of magazines. Most recently, OUTSIDE MAGAZINE.

JOSHUA BLAKE is a Special Investigator with the Oklahoma City Police Department. He was the Agent in Charge throughout the Storehouse Slaughter investigation of 2016. He is 48-years-old, and he is a native resident of Edmond, Oklahoma.