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Body Packaging

by Jennifer Strauss
Dede Storm has long been a consummate master of disguises. After a number of careers, Dede has resurfaced as Hollywood’s hottest hair and make-up artist.  By chance, she learns a secret that threatens to create a chain of events more explosive than the biggest Hollywood blockbuster. And the price for this secret is murder. Start at the beginning.

Cast of Characters

DEDE STORM : One of Hollywood’s top hair and make-up artists with a rather mysterious past. She is an incredible master of disguise.

VERONICA WALTERS: Dede’s cousin who works in a related field as a clothing stylist working with numerous high-profile clients.

PHILIPPE COUDERT: A jack of all trades who Veronica took under her wing as her assistant.

COLE MAJESTIC:  Hollywood casting agent seeking to fill parts for a secret project.

KYLE WYATT:  An aspring actor who auditions for Cole Majestic.  He is willing to do anything to make it in Hollywood.

HEATHER GREYSTONE:  A Hollywood living legend who Dede Storm has known for years.

PENELOPE CASSIDY:  Sidney Martel’s ex-third wife who is self-absorbed but who is also an exceedingly talented actress and vocalist.

TONI GEOLORDIA:  One of Dede’s coworkers who she supported while she underwent gender reassignment.

DR. JAKE ORINDA:  A very specialized Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who works for talent agencies and film studios on actors who are destined to become top stars.

LILY MESSING:  She is so average in appearance that no one would ever remember having encountered her.  She is now one of Dr. Orinda’s patients.