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Jul 19, 2015

Coming Soon

Jul 19, 2015

Going Back For Your Future

SerialTeller began in 2011 as a site devoted to showcasing original serial fiction with thehope that some day those relatively short installments would find their way into the form of a novel. Now we’re not talking about collecting all of your serial installments and publishing them as an e-book or paperback — for that, you […]

Mar 29, 2012

Writing Marketing Support — Getting Your Words Out

What Is An Author Platform and Do I Need One? By now, you may have heard either other writers or people in the industry mention something called an Author’s Platform.  If you are seeking to market your writing to agents or editors or if you are seeking to self-publish you will need to build your […]

Mar 08, 2012

Five Simple Rules For Creating Your Serial

So… You Want To Create Your Own Serial FIVE SIMPLE RULES FOR CREATING YOUR SERIAL Whether you are an established author with a number of books under your belt or you are just starting out, you may find that this particular form of writing appeals to you. Writing serial fiction can not only produce imaginative and entertaining […]