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Feb 19, 2014

Toxic #1: Venti Frappuccinos and Leather Don’t Mix

New York City My Chucks skidded on a mess of pavement. Considering I was running like there were demons behind me that made me about half a second away from breaking my ass. I kept it together, though, recovering my footing with a move that would never be described as graceful. I didn’t care. I […]

Feb 18, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #4: The Cop’s Perspective

Peter Hunter is more reality show chef than a career policeman. He was the first cop I met on the job when I went to the station to get quotes for the story on the fire that had burned down the warehouse on Delaware. We’ve become friends even though we have very little in common. […]

Feb 17, 2014

Anchors No More #5: Nooses Are Made To Tighten

Gary felt that he should respond to the man’s statement, but when he tried, his lips moved impotently, a few muted grunts staggered from his throat. Holly’s eyes darted back and forth, from the strange man to Gary to Restrepo to the man again. “Doctor Vanderhoff, right?” she asked, tentatively trying her own luck at […]

Feb 11, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #3: The Missing Woman

“Did the husband file a missing person’s report?” I ask. “It’s too soon for us to get the public record. Find out when you talk to the police,” he said. “Where do they live?” “They are in San Mateo up on the hill.” “I’ll go talk to Peter,” I made a mental note to check […]

Feb 10, 2014

Anchors No More #4: The Downside of Bewilderment

“Where are you taking us?” It seemed a reasonable question under the circumstances. However, those same circumstances precluded a response. And none came. The guards remained silent as they marched Gary and Holly up the stairs and through the room that had minutes ago been their lab but now stood as empty, cold, and dusty […]

Feb 09, 2014

Castro Bridge Mix #16: Vulnerable

The San Francisco Planning Department “This looks like it could be a drawn out process, Jensen.  There are over thirty petitioners against your proposed remodel.” The city planner had known Jensen Reiser for almost fifteen years. Every time that she thought Jensen had an insurmountable obstacle, somehow her projects managed to squeak through. But this […]

Feb 04, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #2: The Day Job

When I parked my Vespa this morning outside the Bay Area Weekly, it was cold and misty in San Mateo. I’ve been getting to work late for the past week. My strategy is to keep my helmet on and walk past Bruce. Bruce Connelly, editor-in-chief at the Bay Area Weekly, is my boss and he […]

Feb 03, 2014

Anchors No More #3: The Onset of Reality

They stood motionless as they were told, due as much to the shocking uncertainty of the moment as to the explicit command that they do so. They were still catching their breath, regaining their composure from what had just happened minutes before and none of it was making sense. Two pairs of footsteps descended the […]

Jan 28, 2014

Assisi & Brannan #1: The Night Before

If there’s one thing I learned last night it’s that I shouldn’t moonlight anymore. Sam takes one look at my face and tells me I need more sleep. It’s that obvious. A new mother and a senior citizen are not that different—they both need more sleep. Me? I’m neither. I just need more hours to […]

Jan 27, 2014

Anchors No More #2: The More Things Change

Gary struggled to move, squirming, panicked by the sudden awareness that he was trapped, his arms pressed to his sides, bound in some strange substance. He opened his eyes and what he saw did little to ease the immediacy of his anxiety. He was cocooned in an opaque greyish membrane that wrapped around him tightly. […]

Jan 26, 2014

Castro Bridge Mix #15: Body Cards

Under the Old Bay Bridge “You did what you were supposed to do, Adam.” The voice was free-floating through a heavy veil of ruffled fog. An overhead light from the new Bay Bridge illuminated two of the three men slowly traveling in a motorboat under what was original Bay Bridge. What had once been a […]

Jan 21, 2014

Castro Bridge Mix #14: The Contract

Sam’s Grill, San Francisco Jensen Reiser scouted out the small reception area of legendary restaurant Sam’s Grill which dated back to the 1860s. She looked everywhere, but there was no sign of him. Then, just as she was about to leave, she heard her name. “Jensen.” A man’s hand extended out from one of the […]

Jan 20, 2014

Anchors No More #1: The Problem With Decisions

“Should we do it?” Holly looked at him with the same eager uncertainty, “I don’t know, what do you think?” He swallowed, his throat acidic, and he tinkered the switch lightly with a gloved fingertip. Gary hated decisions. They were always so defining. “We kind of have to,” he said, “It’s here. We did it.” […]

Jan 09, 2014

The Advisor #12: Killer Butterfly Spreads

  Tuesday San Francisco, 6:00 PM     Victor bolted up from his wooden swivel chair. It was time to call it a day. Ignatius Rowe felt like a morgue ever since Lucy Mincer’s death. The only upside was that the administration had loosened the screws on the trainees.  But that didn’t last long. He […]

Dec 29, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #13: One No Trump

SFO Terminal 2 Waffles waited until the last possible moment before arriving at the airport terminal to catch his flight to LA. Somehow, he felt as if part of himself had been hollowed out and left for dead. “Your flight should be boarding any minute. You can proceed through the expedited security area, Mr. Madison.” […]

Dec 21, 2013

Body Packaging #14: The Lethal Marketplace

  The Grove/LA Farmers Market Los Angeles   “I don’t know what I’m doing here. But hey, my boyfriend’s dead and everything else’s all fucked up. So, what do I have to lose?” She barely breathed as she uttered one final sentence. “Except maybe my life.” Veronica Walters could have easily passed for one of […]

Dec 08, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #12: Sacrifices

San Francisco District Attorney Office,  850 Bryant Street   Dereck listened intently with his office door closed.  It sounded like a faint pawing at his door.  Gradually the pawing sounds mutated into a sporadic knocking.  “Who’s there?” The door gradually opened and Dereck set eyes on a homeless man covered with dirt, his face completely […]

Dec 01, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #11: Finesse

The Lookout on Market Street, Castro “I’m sure that I’m the last person that JT wants to see.” Lyrick leaned into the side of Dereck’s arm as they both peered out over the heart of the Castro from their perch on the Lookout bar’s outdoor balcony. “You saved his life, Lyrick. I don’t get why […]

Nov 24, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #10: Holding Hands

“Is this heaven? It’s me, God. Margaret here. Whoops, wrong story. Sorry, Judy Blume. I mean it’s just me, JT.” Waffles could see everything around him in a soft gold and purple haze. He looked down at a magnificent burgundy rose and rolled its stem between his thumb and forefinger. He sniffed it intensely waiting […]

Nov 17, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #9: Picking Up Tricks

The St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco Lyric’s November was definitely starting out with a bang. He turned to face this evening’s trick. “Yeah it’s very portable. Just like me, Master.” Lyrick smiled confidently despite the fact that he was cantilevering himself on a Door Jam Sex Sling while wearing a thick black leather dog collar. He […]

Nov 10, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #8: Seven Hearts

  Mae’s was packed with revelers desperate to get into the city’s most sought-after Halloween celebration. The establishment had ridden the rising tide of the Castro’s long-lived run as the Halloween capital of San Francisco which had grown into a mob of several hundred thousand by 2006. Then, after shootings took place during the 2006 event, […]

Nov 08, 2013

Body Packaging #13: Out With A Bang

Bel Air, California “So, how did you manage to escape?” Veronica gazed into Philippe’s deep-set brooding eyes knowing in her heart that the impostor stripping off his clothes in front of her was probably responsible for Philippe’s murder. She feigned a smile as it finally sunk in that she would never see her true love […]

Nov 03, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #7: Grand Slam

San Francisco, Halloween 2013   “Everyone has their purpose.” Tell Williams strolled down Castro Street wearing a striking creme-colored three-piece suit as he spoke to himself about a new addition to Castro Street who was busily soliciting donations. To the untrained eye, Tell appeared to be wearing a stylish garment rather than a Halloween costume. […]

Oct 27, 2013

Castro Bridge Mix #6: Conventions

San Francisco, Halloween 1959 “Pardon me, y’all.” Lullabelle Fitzsimmons squeezed her slender body costumed in a gold sequined flapper’s dress into the legendary Black Cat Cafe. It was certainly not an acceptable place for a proper young woman to spend Halloween, but she didn’t give a damn. Halloween was rapidly evolving into the quintessential gay […]