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by A. M. Schilling
Tizzy's rules for surviving high school: 1. Don't let the monsters know you can see them. 2. When you blow the first rule, do NOT take that as an okay to do shots with vampires. 3. Run. You ignored rule two, and now you’re hung over and have fairy hit men chasing your butt. If they catch you, surviving high school will be the least of your worries. Start at the beginning

Bio: A. M. Schilling

A.M. Schilling is a computer geek by day and an author by night. A life-long horror junkie, she argues the merits of vampires versus zombies at Cons as a speaker and panelist. Toxic was inspired by her years hanging out in upstate New York, which is an odder place than people realize.


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Toxic: Installments